NRP 77: launch of second call

NRP 77 is launching a second call to fill specific research gaps.

The first projects of NRP 77 will start at the beginning of January 2020. They cover most of the research questions in all three modules of the programme: 1. “Education, learning and digital change”, 2. “Ethics, trustworthiness and governance”, 3. “Digital economy and labour market”. Only a few research gaps remain. By launching a second call, the Steering Committee hopes to close them.

Submission deadline for letters of intent: 20 February 2020

For the second call, the NRP has a budget of CHF 5.4 million. This should be sufficient to fund around eight new projects. Researchers who are interested in the call are invited to submit a letter of intent to by 20 February 2020. If the proposed project is not in line with the aims of the second call, the Steering Committee will inform the applicants by the beginning of March. All other applicants will have the opportunity to submit a full proposal until 20 April 2020, 17:00 CET.

Clearly defined topics

Projects for the second call must fall into clearly defined areas. In Module 1, projects must address the following topics, in the face of continuous digital change:

  1. Individuals in the second half of their lives, and from different educational backgrounds;
  2. Individuals with disabilities and with different educational backgrounds;
  3. Impact of digitalisation on the education system.

In Module 2: projects addressing the following topics:

  1. Impact of digitalisation on the public sphere and/or journalism;
  2. Governance and legal framework of digital technologies.

There are no additional funds for projects within module 3 available and no further submissions therefore possible.

Call (PDF)

Template letter of intent (word) (Word)