Digitalisation and social changes influence each other and thus shape our future world. The Swiss population can benefit from this interrelationship in a wide range of areas: the emergence of new business fields, more straightforward communication, more efficient work processes, and participatory collaborations.

However, digitalisation can also have negative consequences, thus sparking fears of job loss, of restriction of personal freedom or democracy. Some even fear that we will lose control over machines powered by artificial intelligence.

The National Research Programme «Digital Transformation» (NRP 77) aims to investigate such interrelationships. Its goal is to identify opportunities, mitigate risks, answer questions and present policy options for our country.

The research findings will be used to formulate concrete recommendations and solutions for the optimal management of digital change.

What is the aim of the NRP 77?

The objective of the programme is to generate knowledge about the opportunities, risks, challenges and solutions related to digitalisation in the Swiss context.

Why is this research programme important?

The digital transformation refers to the change triggered by new technologies that is currently taking place in society. This transformation affects virtually all areas of life: leisure, work, business, education, government. The technologies and social changes driving this transformation are evolving very rapidly.

What are the research topics in this programme?

Digital transformation entails both opportunities and risks. The aim is to take advantage of the opportunities while responding appropriately to the risks. To be able to do so, it is necessary to analyse the consequences of digital change in various fields in the Swiss context. Possible interventions and solutions will also be developed, thus laying the foundation for optimal management and governance of current and future digital transformation.

How can this be achieved?

The objectives of the NRP 77 are to be achieved in
three programme modules.

How long will the programme last and how much will it cost?

46 projects divided into three programme modules will deal with the research topics. The NRP 77 has a total budget of 30 million Swiss francs. It was launched in 2020 and will last five years.

How will the NRP 77 broadcast the results?

Throughout the programme, results and recommendations from the research projects will be broadcast by means of workshops and events, in the social media, in final reports, and continuously on this website, so that they can be incorporated into practice.