A digital laboratory for the collaborative design of digital educational games

Interest in digital educational games has increased at all levels of education. However, there is still great potential for improvement in the development and use of these games. In order to develop this potential, their design, use and evaluation calls for collaborative work, particularly between teachers, game designers and educational researchers.

  • Project description

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    Digital educational games are recognized as being effective and engaging learning tools. In order to develop their full potential, it is necessary to rise to the challenges regarding the efficiency of their development, the relevance of their pedagogical use and the integration of ethical aspects concerning the management of the produced data.

    To meet these challenges, the project will develop, implement and evaluate what we call the co.LAB: a collaborative methodological framework for teachers, game developers and researchers in education sciences, associated with a collaborative digital platform committed to the co-design, co-development and co-evaluation of digital educational games.

  • Background

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    In the field of digital games, there is a gap between teachers, game developers and researchers. Teachers have difficulties finding games adapted to their pedagogical context. Developers need to find ways to meet teachers’ expectations and to integrate the knowledge produced by education sciences. Researchers struggle to find games that produce the data needed to evaluate the effectiveness of games in education.

  • Aim

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    The aim of the project is to produce new knowledge regarding the design and use of educational games. By providing access to data related to the process of designing and using educational games, the collaborative platform will help support future research in this field. The project will open up new perspectives for the production and use of digital educational resources.

  • Relevance

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    The project aims to strengthen the connections between teachers, educational researchers and game designers. The collaborative platform will improve the efficiency of the design and use of educational games. Ultimately, the project aspires to enable a relevant distribution of educational games at all educational levels.

  • Original title

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    co.LAB - A Digital Lab for the co-Design, co-Development and co-Evaluation of Digital Learning Games