Successful Programme Meeting 2023


On Monday 12 and Tuesday 13 June 2023, all 46 research teams met in Berne at the Kursaal for the NRP 77 Programme Meeting 2023. The research teams presented their projects and received feedback from various stakeholders from the field.

In order to intensify exchanges between research and practice, the presentations were followed by workshops in small groups.

The Programme Meeting was divided according to the three modules of NRP 77:

  • Module 1 "Education, learning and digital transformation"
  • Module 2 "Ethics, trustworthiness and governance"
  • Module 3 "Digital economy and labour market”

This enabled the researchers to take away inputs and inspiration from the specific stakeholders of their respective modules to complete their research projects.

The research phase will run until the end of 2024.

With the inspiring impulses of the 2023 Programme Meeting, we hope that NRP 77 will make a positive impact on the digital transformation in Switzerland.

All 46 research projects of the national research programme "Digital Transformation" can be found here: