The Swiss labour market in the digital transformation

Digitalisation is changing the demands on employees. This project aims to show how exactly these demands are changing and how demand and supply of work react to these changes.

  • Project description

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    On the one hand, we will examine how companies react to digitalisation: How do they adapt procedures and processes for recruitment and workplace training? Are they reshaping their relationships with their employees? On the other hand, we will investigate how digitalisation affects the supply of work: How do employees react? Do they take advantage of opportunities for further education and are they willing to retrain? How do unemployed people adapt their search strategies? And what are students’ strategies when choosing their education and profession? We will also investigate how well the courses offered by universities prepare students for the changing needs of the labour market. A core element of the project is the collection of extensive data from online job portals and labour market actors. This information will make it possible, for the very first time, to answer key questions regarding the Swiss labour market.

  • Background

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    There have been many studies on how information and communication technologies affect companies. However, well-founded knowledge concerning the consequences of the current technological changes for the labour market is still lacking. In addition, very little is known about how the supply of work reacts to the changed requirements on the labour market. In both cases, lack of suitable data is the main reason why these questions have not yet been answered.

  • Aim

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    Our goal is to collect comprehensive data on job offers, companies and individuals. By doing so, we hope to identify the current changes on the Swiss labour market and to analyse how companies, employees, unemployed and newcomers adapt. Based on these analyses, we will formulate recommendations for labour market, education and business policy measures that will help society cope with the effects of digitalisation.

  • Relevance

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    Our findings will help educational institutions, employment agencies and policy-makers determine what qualifications are called for on the labour market. It will thus be possible to adapt training opportunities for employees and newcomers as well as measures for the unemployed. Additionally, we will draw up recommendations for labour market and business policy measures regarding adaption to the digital transformation.

  • Original title

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    The Swiss labour market in the digital transformation (SWISSLAB)