37 projects selected

NRP 77 "Digital transformation" is underway with 37 projects, approved by the National Research Council at the beginning of December 2019.

The Research Council followed the recommendation of the Panel of NRP 77, composed of international experts. Of the 324 pre-proposals evaluated, 90 were selected to proceed to the full proposal stage. 89 projects were submitted. All the projects were assessed by the Panel and peer-reviewed by external experts. At the end of this process, 37 projects were recommended to the Research Council for approval.

Plans for an additional call

NRP 77 will launch a second call in December 2019 to fill specific research gaps in modules 1 and 2 that remain after this selection round.

Three modules

The projects of NRP 77 fall into three modules that examine different aspects of digital transformation. Key data about the projects are on the list below, more detailed descriptions will follow as of May 2020.

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